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The Me Decade
Time Line

A time line of ten important events of the 1970's.


The first personal computer. The "Apple I".

  1. A cease fire in the Vietnam War. Beginning on March 30th of 1972, thorough January 28th 1973.
  2. July 26th, a most memorable day. The celebrated 200th birthday of America.
  3. The first international meeting in space, 1975. The Soviet Union and the U.S. Two spacecrafts docked together and astronauts shook hands thorough airshafts.
  4. 1977, the start on an epic adventure. Stars Wars was first released in this year.
  5. A great technological advance, the first personal computer, available to the public in 1978. Built by Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak, named "the Apple."
  6. The Twinkie Case. In November of 1978, Mayor George Moscone is murdered. The accused was sentenced to only 7 1/2 years in prison for his deed.
  7. The "Apple II" is released 1979. One of the first computers to offer the option of color.
  8. On this fateful day, May 1, 1979. 100,00 people gathered at the capital to pray for their contrary. America had hit a slump, the people of America prayed for a brighter dawn.
  9. March 29, 1979. A near nuclear melt down on 3-Mile Island. People all around were beginning to doubt the safety of nuclear power.
  10. Towards the end of 1979 OPEC raised it's prices due to an oil shortage. Prices of gas had gone up a full 50%. The gas lines stretched and people fought for oil.