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The Me Decade
What They Did For Fun

               During this decade, people began to focus on the leisurely activities more then they had in the past decade. The Hustle came in to being this decade as well as, the Muppets, the Brady Bunch, and Pet Rocks, among others.

              The Brady Bunch came first, starting from the end of the 1960's. The show was popular until about 1974. A family of nine people. This was a much-watched sitcom. Carol and Mike are the perfect parents. Their two oldest kids, Marsha and Greg, are great at everything they do. Jan is a middle child. She feels over shadowed by her older sister. Peter is calmer and agreeable. The youngest, Bobby and Cindy are the most playful of the family. The last episode, "The Hair Brained Scheme," where Greg graduates, was aired on March 8, 1974.

               Next came a craze of pet rocks, starting in 1975. The creator, Gary Dahl, had thought the public would appreciate a pet that needed no tending to. He was right. His first line of "Pet Rocks" came out that August. Soon he had piles orders for pet rocks. By Christmas of that year he had sold over 1,000,000 pet rocks at $2-3 each. Eventually Dahl had to give up his sale of pet rocks, as various amounts of people rushed into the market with their own counterfeit versions. Dahl, however, didn't mind as much, he had made himself rich enough for a comfortable retirement.

                Around this time in which the pet rocks came to be, the "Muppets" also became popular. A group of much loved puppets.


The Muppets

The Brady Bunch

                Towards the end of the 1970's, a dance called "The Hustle" became popular at the height of disco. It was also referred to as the "Latin Hustle". A simple and lively ballroom style dance. It was one of many other dances in the disco.

               All in all, the 1970's was a great decade in the improvement of one's self. Hence the name "the Me Decade."