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The Me Decade

"Apple I"

            The 1970's had many technological advances. One of these was the invention of the personal computer in 1978. The first to be made available was the "Apple I." Steve Wozniak first created this personal computer with Steven Jobs. The downside to this was that the computer arrived at the price of $666 each. A hefty price for most in the 1970's. Some people just weren't able to afford one. Still some could, the item took off.

            Due to the sucess of the "Apple I" the "Apple II" followed it, one year later. For the first time, color graphics were made available to the public. Though, at the time, the graphics were rough and the colors limited. Laughable in comparision to our computers today.

           Yet another item to make it's debut was the "Soundabout." The "Soundabout" was an everyday primitive version of the modern "Walkman," weighing at 14 ounces. Its name was, in fact, later changed to be the "Walkman." The first "Soundabout" came with two headline jacks as well as a special orange "hotline" button. When two people were plugged in via the jacks, someone could press the "hotline" button and connect to the other listener. One person would speak through the microphone and the other person would hear him through the headphones. A feature later dropped due to lack of demand. "Soundabout" sold over ten times as much as was expected. Many other versions and models followed the "Soundabout" in to the market. Yet the original idea of the "Walkman," still thrives today. A truly worthwhile invention of the 1970's.